Stenos note app
Stenos: Automatic notes for your meetings

Transcribe meetings in Javanese

Stenos automatically makes notes in Javanese. It's the accurate and privacy friendly personal assistant that writes down what you discuss, functioning as a meeting minutes recorder and transcriber.

Stenos converts text to speech and summarizes in Javanese and 58 other languages.

By the way: Stenos speaks 1 variant of Javanese: Javanese (Indonesia)

Go try it, you get 30 minutes for free.

Stenos transcription app

Focus on
your conversation

Stenos is automatically takes notes. The app uses automatic transcription to create detailed minutes

Stenos helps to organize notes

Search through your words

Stenos archives everything on your device, enabling you to search for any subject

Stenos allows to edit notes

Easily perfect
your minutes

Just open your steno, listen back to the audio and perfect the note.

Stenos note sharing

Keep your meeting minutes safe

Keep your conversations on your device and share them when you want

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Stenos app privacy

They are your conversations, we have no stake in them.

We take care in protecting your data, in fact we take pride in our privacy stance. We beleive that is important, but please read our Privacy Policy if you have the time. We think it is pretty good!

We will never collect your personal information to profile and track you. We store your information on your device. We do proces your data outside of your device but we do that with great care.

Let us know if you have any questions or improvements!