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Privacy friendly transcription

Stenos offers privacy friendly transcription and save private data storage. Conversations are highly personal, and we wouldn’t want to listen in on your meetings. We wouldn’t want you listening in to ours either.

Stenos does not store your conversations, you do. Company meetings are not stored on our server, journalistic sources aren’t in our meta data. It stays on your device, until you decide you want to share something. We can not disclose personal information that we don’t have, subpoena or no subpoena. Apart from data minimization and privacy by design, we employ more techniques to keep your data safe: your data is encrypted locally, and not placed on any cloud by default. Your conversations are being transcribed in the cloud, this connection is encrypted and your data is processed in memory. Please read our privacy policy for more detail.

Why privacy matters

Journalist Phelim Kine recently authored a piece on the importance of a good privacy posture, specifically when using transcription software. For journalists, protecting their sources is an important issue, and rightfully so. However we don’t think privacy is just for journalists, or doctors or lawyers. You don’t have to be Edward Snowden to know it’s just better to keep a conversation to yourself.

You don’t have to be Edward Snowden to know it’s just better to keep a conversation to yourself.

Your privacy motivates us too: It is part of our business model. We work on keeping your information private and secure, implementing privacy by design. Which also means we don’t have to store your information on our servers.

We take pride in a decent privacy stance, and we have literally no stake in keeping your information: No subscription model, we are not tying you to our cloud storage and we are not using your data to train any expensive proprietary AI-models. We use a quaint old business approach: We deliver value and you give us money.